Friday, July 1, 2011

Sale Barn Days

  I consider growing up agriculture to be one of the biggest blessings of my life. It is hard work, but so fulfilling. It teaches a work ethic and a love and appreciation for the land that can come from few alternate sources. Maybe I am just biased! But I love it. I jokingly told Justin I grew up in one of two places: the salebarn or a store! My mom is a shopper to the core, on of the best I have ever met, with a specialization on BARGAINS. This week I got the opportunity to go to Corsicana to my Dad and brother, Ben's salebarn. It's a family affair in the summer, when everyone is off and we all get to are a few pictures!      

Emma Grace (bribed her with a gumball, which she smashed on the clean floor and  
re- chewed!)

Brother Ben bringing the cattle up

Ben and his helpers loading the round pen
Kristen and Anna Kate
Emma Grace and Mom

Again Ben is moving cattle...It's rare he allows a picture, I got lucky!

Cousin Brent: I am sure he is smiling at me, even though he is not looking! A Good Hand if you ever saw one!

Brother Mark is our auctioneer. Perfect Job for him! He is very active!

Our little Perk at the end of the day. This is Rocky, who would become Rockette, after closer analysis and investigation. 

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