Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Newest Treasure

My dear friend Heather introduced me to the Pioneer Woman. She had told me about her a couple times, but the moment I read the blog, I was hooked! The simple story is city girl meets country boy, they fall in love and have babies. (And live in the middle of nowhere.) Ree Drummond, is hilarious, and quick-witted. Since I recently have fallen in love with her, Justin and Becca ordered me her cookbook, and her novel, which is her very own love story. It was the coolest surprise gift! The novel was great, and the cookbook is packed for a colors, pictures, and recipes. I attempted my first, homemade cinnamon rolls. They were quite delicious & quite dangerous. I think you like her : thepioneerwoman.com

Saturday, August 20, 2011

30 Day Challenges

One of my favorite authors/speakers is Nancy Lee DeMoss. She is a single woman, who has committed her life to whole heartedly serving women, and helping them regain their purpose. In high school, my church completed the Bible study "Ruth" which she had written. Since then, I have listened to her through the radio and online and checked out her blog/website. Just this afternoon I was reading a few of her articles on becoming a virtuous woman of God. I found these 30-Day Challenges.
  • 30 Days of True Woman Makeovers
  • 30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge
  • 30 Day Choosing Gratitude Challenge
  • 30 Days of Praying for your Pastor
  • 30 Days of Praying for your Pastor's Wife 
Sometimes when we really desire change or desire to see God work, it requires devoted focus. Our lives can become so busy, even with the best intentions we can fall off track. But below on this link you can enter your email address and they will send you daily encouraging emails, I believe. Be sure to check out her blog too (truewoman.com), if you have time. She has several authors that contribute to it, and you can browse by topic and subject.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Weekend of Parties...

Last weekend was Party Central! It began with my dear friend Keri's bachelorette party...complete with Italian food and cheesecake, and of course I crowning veil. We then had her shower Saturday morning. Tim attended this shower with Keri-making it more of a comedy show than a shower! That afternoon we followed up with her lingerie shower, complete with you know what...very little!. Finally that evening I headed to Corsicana where my mom hosted a Pampered Chef party, complete with an apron contest (through pictures you can determine your favorite!). When my head hit the pillow on Saturday evening I was exhausted! But we had so much fun and laughed and ATE!
 Keri's Table for her Party
Beautiful Bride
Phyllis, Mrs. Garcia, & Mrs. Nanny
Mom & Kristen
De'Renda & Phyllis!
Everyone and their aprons....oh Phyllis! 

Aunt Sherry & Yvonne

Nashville Pictures

This was the inside of the hotel we stayed in-The Opryland Hotel. 
One of Justin's Awards for being a "Top Gun" winner.
The Grand Old Opry
We had crossed our fingers we would run into him...or at least I did.
Ride Day!
One of our most classy pictures yet.
My husband, waiting on our flight, in a wheelchair, spit cup between his legs, boots off, and a construction cone on his head. I'm the luckiest girl alive!

Nashville, Tennessee

When Justin & I got married, our original honeymoon plan was to take a trip across the South. We both love history & farming and the South is full of both. We wanted to visit historical markers, tour plantation homes, & wind up in Nashville to take in all of Music City. Well, then we begin to look at the cost & the practicality of that particular trip. Justin's great-uncle offered us several free nights in one of his condos, down on the beach in Corpus Christi. We accepted that gift quickly and we thankful for our opportunity. We both commented that we could go to Nashville "one day."

On our way home from our honeymoon, Justin's boss called just to let him know that he was one of the top salesmen in the nation and he won a free trip to Nashville in July! Plus he could take me. :) This trip was all expense paid-airfare, shuttle rides, hotel, food-everything. Plus there would be a Justin Moore concert, and a Zac Brown Band, thrown in. Through Ken's free passes, I got to fly for free also. We were beside ourselves with the timing and blessing of this trip. We had a second honeymoon, and it was on the company!

The food was fancy (I think Justin's favorite meal was a chicken fried steak at the Cracker Barrel on our way home), but still. Each meal was served with more silverware than I even own. We had free entertainment, a free trip to the Ryman and the Country Music Hall of Fame. We even stood on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. One of my most favorite parts was the ride day. This is the day that Polaris introduced all the salesmen to the new rides that would be making their debut this year. We got to test drive all of them, & their competition. That was so much fun. A couple I rode on my own, but it was more fun when Justin drove. He's a daredevil!

I wanted to post pictures, but my computer is not accepting any of them. I'm gonna go ahead and post. And if it decides to cooperate I will post pictures then!