Thursday, July 7, 2011

*eMiLy bRaVeNeC*

Today Emily, my little sister, has been on my mind, on and off all day. That's a lot of time, considering I have been up since five. I drove a tractor most of the day, so I had plenty of time to meditate. I can not believe I am still awake. Anyway...
Emily is a special sister, friend, daughter, employee, student, and wife. Why you ask?...I am so glad you did!
 First of all, Emily is the most dedicated and devoted individual I have ever met. It does not matter what she is working on, be it a paper for school, a project for charity, or pricing yard sale items with my Mom, she does everything 100%, everything. That, is admirable. Emily is strong and Emily is a fighter. I have never seen her quit. That, is admirable. She's smart too! I think she took something in the neighborhood of...oh, about 42 hours last semester. Ok, maybe is was 24, but that is still alot! Emily is stable and certain. These are two qualities that I admire so much in her, which I often lack, on the account of my emotions! But she is sure footed. She knows who her God is, and she knows who she is. That, is admirable! Emily MIGHT, might have four pairs of shoes. That type of discipline blows my mind. I have nothing else to say about that...I must move on! Emily is wise. I call her all the time and ask her opinion. To be six years, I often hang up and think, well, "She's got less  years, but much more wisdom." (I think that could have something to do with that stability I mentioned earlier...:) ) She's a heck of a writer, and good debater...state tournament, I might add. Now finally, the last reason I admire Emily so, I have never seen her have a pimple in the past twenty years. This is extremely notable to a gal who has been on prescription pimple cream since the stinking fifth grade, and is STILL on it at 26. I used to think by the time I started getting wrinkles, I would stop getting pimples. Unfortunately, turns out, they co-habitat just fine. The good news is, when my grandkids come over to make cookies with me, they can borrow my anti-acne cream should they feel one popping up. Emily has been on my mind today. It might be because she and her husband just bought their first house (it is amazingly adorable, by the way) or it could be because she celebrated her one year anniversary with her husband Darren this week. Or it may be because she is about to prepare to student teach...for whatever reason, she is special. I wanted you to know. And if you know her, you already knew, and if you didn't now you do. Goodnight! PS: A couple of pictures...the family picture is in Emily's new home!

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  1. Precious! What a sweet post; and I love love LOVE the pictures!!! <3