Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Freeing of Our Soul, excerpt by Ann Voskamp

What do I need more than His love and what do I want more than His will and when I am my own master, don’t I have a fool for a master?

What do you have to fear? You were born for freedom. You deliver into it through obedience.

No one ever entered into the full rest of God by giving Him only half of themselves.
You may wrestle, but in Him you have won. You may regret, but in Him you will rise. You may suffer, but in Him you are secure. You may no longer be free to live the easy way, but you will be free to the liberty of doing everything for love.

The soundtrack for misery always is “I did it My Way.”

Complete abdication to Christ is the only way to complete liberation.

That hole in me, the one I see in the mirror, the one between my fingers — it is the mark of the bondslave to Christ and it is the keyhole to freedom and my days and my times and my life are not mine but His.

Kids will upend and barge in and spin everything. The phone will ring and the computer will crash and the dayplanner will short circuit and spark and blow a fuse. God will call and God will command and this is the thing:

Knowing every interruption is a call from your Master — is liberation.

When you named Him your Lord, you gave Him right to your life on His time: Every interruption is a new work order from God.

That tearing of my ear — breaks the chains of my heart and I could be a slave to Christ Jesus and the most freeing place for a soul is in the abandonment to the will of God.

- Ann Voskamp, "When You Are Weary of Vanilla Christianity"

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