Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Boy

I realized, I have not even written about the most exciting news our little family has heard in a while. Our baby is a boy, a son. My fingers are just now recovering (bones healing) from the squeeze Justin gave when they identified the proper equipment necessary to be a little man child. We are very happy. I will miss bows, glitter, ruffles, and lace, but there is still hope. Not of my boy wearing any of that, but of another baby one day.

After the announcement of the gender, we had to return to the waiting room until our doctor could see us for his appointment. Justin was talking 90 to nothing about all the experiences they were going to have, all the machines they were going to destroy, just so they could rebuild, all the forts he had intentions of building, and about all the "treasures" they would bring home to park in my yard. He was so happy. When I saw how happy he was and how much excitement he felt, bows and ribbons left my mind, ok, not completely, but miniature Cinch shirts and cowboy boots will be cute too!

My family is full of girls. Between my brothers and sisters, there are 6 granddaughters, and 0 grandsons. So, Justin knew the risk of running with me, before we got married. But come to find out the gender is completely determined by the Father. That works well for him, because his family is boy heavy. As the nurse explained how this works I thought about our heavenly Father. The Bible says we are made in the image of God, as a people, as a whole. How interesting that He modeled even this, after himself. Our identity is found in our earthly Father as a mirror to the way our identity is ultimately and truly found in our eternal Father.  Who He says we are, is who we are. Regardless of what we feel like, or act like. He's the authority not our feelings or the world or our friends or our family. No one else.
Galatians 1:10 says, " Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ."

This verse can be troublesome for those of us who are people- pleasers, want everyone to be happy, or just desire to be liked. I think sometimes as a Christian it's a temptation to desire to "fit in" yet still be God's girl. Sometimes that coincidences well, because the world does still respect morals, general kindness and goodwill towards others. Yet, sometimes the world and the Word differ so radically there is a definite fork in the road and a decision must be made.Those are the moments that tend to be either extremely easy or extremely hard. Sometimes the world's way is so disgusting we don't think twice. Yet, others, it seems so easy that it beckons as a huge temptation. God knows. God understands. 

May your encouragement be, that you are His. And who He says you are, is ultimately who you are, even if you do not believe it. Strive to please Him alone. Even when you fail, He gets to say you are loved, cherished, redeemed, and forgiven-because you are His, and He decides who you are.

Now, back to browsing cowboy nursery decor. :)  


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! Yay for a COWBOY THEMED NURSERY! I saw the CUTEST idea on the internet awhile back. Someone took rope and shaped it into the name of their son (Brady)...it was so cute. I'll have to send you the picture.

    Appreciated the spiritual aspect to this- I needed to be reminded not to please men and focus on my Creator, and the One who sees me, and knows me.


  2. AWw, this is so amazing! Thank you for taking time to write this!! I've missed your mind!!! And Kacie, I agree - that rope idea sounds really cute!

  3. Thank You Kacie, please do send a picture! Merry Christmas!

    I love your mind, Keri! lol, I found something of our past that I can't wait to show you!

  4. LOVE this post....we have got to get together sometime soon!! Hope you are feeling well and hope ya'll had a fabulous Christmas!!

  5. A BOY!!!!! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

    Leave it to you to tie your gender reveal into something that relates back to God- simply amazing, just like you and just like God says you are! :)

    Oh and your reveal idea was super cute, so it got me thinking and I found a pinata reveal. You fill a bee (play on words-what's it gonna bee?) full of pink or blue favors, and when you are ready to reveal, you pull a string and the favors come falling out either blue or pink! I thought it was cute. Love you!