Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"On Art, Fear, & Lady Gaga" by Emily Freeman

I read this post last week, and I loved it. The title drew me in, but what she had to say has kept me there. The following quote is my favorite, in which she quotes the original quote.

Watching American Idol last week, Randy Jackson called a performance pageant-y. And I realize for this show, pagenty is not meant to be a compliment. But what if you are in a pageant? Then pageant-y might just be what you’re going for.
And if you’re playing at the Blue Bird and someone says you sang that song American Idol-y, you probably wouldn’t take that as a compliment, either.
You just have to do what you do.
Whenever I feel the familiar tug of fear about myself or others perception of me and my work, I remember Seth Godin and Lady Gaga:
“Do you think it bothers her that I don’t listen to her music and wouldn’t recognize her if she stopped by and said hi? It shouldn’t. Even if you’re a pop star, you don’t need everyone to be a fan or a customer. And especially if you’re not a pop star, worrying about whether everyone laughs at your jokes, buys your product or even likes you is counterproductive.”
Don’t let fear push you around. Accept that what you do might not always be what they expect. Let your work be your best and your own.

art and fear

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